Aliquid Lacquer is an indie polish brand founded in November 2013 by Alison Fisher.

History Edit

Aliquid originated as a nail polish blog in April 2013.[1] In November, maker Alison Fisher announced the launch of her first collection, "Happy Birthday to Me," in a blog post.[2] Aliquid is known for its ongoing collection of polishes named after Roman holidays, released monthly,[3]and for charity polishes benefiting the ASPCA [4][5]. Aliquid's mascot is Alison's dog, Trudy, a pit bull mix[6].

Collections Edit

Happy Birthday to Me (November 2013)

Re-Gifted (January 2014)

Silmarillion (April 2014)

A Chorus of Cremes Part One (June 2014)

Two Pleasant Peninsulas (July 2014)

A Chorus of Cremes Part Two (September 2014)

Angel in Hell (September 2014)

Fantastiversary (November 2014)

When in Rome (December 2014-ongoing)

Gloss48 (February 2015)

Austentatious (April 2015)

Summer of George (June 2015)

The Incarnate (September 2015)

A Chorus of Cremes - Shades of Grey (February 2016)

Nail Polish is for the Birds (June 2016)

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